Have an aperitivo on the canal

Have an aperitivo on the canal

The entire city comes to a halt from 4pm to 6 pm as everyone heads to the numerous outdoor cafes that line the streets from the canal to Piazza Unita.  Try to grab a table and join in on the feast.  All you have to do is order a cheap glass of wine (or a "spritz aperol" if you really want to fit in) and enjoy the platter of free snacks that accompany it.  A couple of glasses of wine can easily result in a free dinner's worth of appetizers.
Eat at an osmiza

Eat at an osmiza

You will likely need a car for this, but it's absolutely worth it.  Farmers are able to obtain a special one or two-week license to sell their produce directly from their house.  People then show up and eat platters of prosciutto, salami, speck, eggs, bread and carafes of wine for incredibly low prices.  The only rule is that all of the ingredients have to be grown and produced on the property of the farm, which means you’re not going to find fresher food and wine.  Use this website to get you close, then look for fresh branches hanging from stop signs.  They will point you the rest of the way to one of the most unique dining experiences of your life.
Drink a "capo in b"

Drink a "capo in b"

Trieste is Italy's coffee capital and this is its signature drink.  A shot of espresso served with a dash of froth, you can get it in any of the city's numerous cafes.  The brand matters too; try to pick a place with an "Illy" sign out front.  It's local and delicious.

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  1. Davide says:

    Walk along the Barcola (sunbathing area along the sea) out to Miramare, a beautiful castle perched on the edge of the water. The city bus will take you out and back for virtually nothing.Miramare-Castle-in-Trieste-Italy_Aerial-view_4718.jpeg

  2. Charlie Thomas says:

    As any local knows, the best gelato in Trieste is at Zampolli. Great variety and very affordable. It is also within walking distance of the town center, so you can go back multiple times.Mehlspeisen_Gelateria_Zampolli.jpg

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